Gender Equity In Fintech Community

Even with the progress that the world is seeing, the Fintech community is still overpowered by men. Women are dominating the business scenario more and more these days with their exceptional business ideas and forward-thinking approach. The Fintech community also needs to ensure gender equity in today’s time to provide the same opportunity to both men and women.

Many different organizations like columbia bank colonia have found ways using which they can increase the position of women in their organization. The gender gap has to be shortened so that there are advances in the Fintech community through ideas and actions.

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Taking the First Steps in the Correct Direction

Today the Fintech community is supporting more and more women-driven startups. Slow but steady, there is a constant change in how people are establishing gender equity in this community. This is a major element when measuring gender equity. In addition to this, there has been an increase in the funding of startups founded by women.

Long Road towards Gender Equity

Even with the increase in women-founded startups, there is a long way to reach the necessary destination. This change will only be visible when there is more number of women entrants in the field of technology and finance, placed in decision-making positions at different VC firms, and growth in mentorship networks.

Even with the progress that the Fintech community is seeing, the percentage is quite low. There needs to a faster growth rate in women-driven roles to ensure that gender equity reaches an equal level.


To make this change faster, there have to be investors who are willing to find in women-founded projects. It is seen that woman VCs are more inclined to fund projects that have been started by a woman. However, diversity still remains in most areas as far as funding in women startups is concerned, which is where the main focus should be given.