Removing a Molar – Does It Hurt?

It is never a good experience when you go to visit your dentist and they tell you it is time to remove a tooth. You are going to feel a lot of anxiety when you get this message from your dentist, as you will know you are in for a world of frustration and pain. The process of removing a tooth is not pleasant, at least in the hours and days after it is removed from your mouth.

With a molar extraction port st. lucie, you should know you are not going to have any problems with pain during the procedure. It is one of the advantages of modern medicine. You will get a local anesthesia shot and it is going to ensure you have no feeling in your mouth and gums. When your dentist is removing the tooth, you will feel a little tug and nothing more.

The problem with having a wisdom tooth or an adult tooth removed is that when it is gone, you have to go home and deal with the pain. Within a few hours, the anesthesia wears off. Then you have to start thinking about how you will tolerate this pain you are experiencing.

Painkillers will help, and your dentist may even write you a prescription for a stronger variety. Make sure you get those from the pharmacy before you get home, and try to get someone to drive you for that errand and to your home.

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One of the steps you must take in the hours and days after an extraction is to eat foods that are very easy to chew and swallow. You should not be chewing at all, ideally. Soups are good, milkshakes can be pleasant as well, and you can always make fruit and vegetable smoothies to ensure you are getting your nutrients.